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Fx Goby is an Emmy award nominated filmmaker with a love for stories and craft both in live action and animation. 

He has directed Oscar and Bafta qualified films, music videos, commercials, fashion and dance films as well as documentaries between Los Angeles, London and Paris.

His experience of storytelling through multiple formats, led him to create various installations, including a massive immersive Ride for Google CES in 2019.

In may 2018, he released Back To The Moon a 360/VR hommage to Georges Melies on the front page of Google worldwide. The film went viral, becoming #1 trend on youtube and hitting over 200 million views in 2 days. 

His oscar qualified animated short film To Build a Fire was shown in over 100 festivals around the world, harvesting 22 awards.

He also published three books in France as an illustrator and directed three documentaries for french broadcaster France Televisions.

He now works on a feature film and several documentaries.



Rep US/UK Nexus Studios

Awards & Nominations

Back To The Moon

To Build a Fire

The Elaborate End Of Robert Ebb

En Tus Brazos


Coca Cola Siege


Google, Disney, Channel 4, France Televisions, Nowness, Manchester International Festival, V&A, International Olympic Committee, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Tropicana, Forum des Images, Doha Film Institute, King Games, Gobelins school...

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